About Us

Technology for processing and sorting parcels and mail that we can quickly and reasonably price enhancements that allow you to invest in automation that is customized for your operational needs today, and in the future when processing requirements change! That is what distinguishes ID Mail from other automation providers.

ID Parcel & Mail Solutions provides innovative and cost-effective parcel and mail barcoding, OCR identification, processing and sorting systems for e-commerce and third-party logistic companies, postal operators, mail service bureaus, corporate and captive mail centers, international cross-border service providers and private delivery companies. Founded in 1997, ID Mail has helped customers worldwide improve their profitability by reengineering mail operations, especially manual operations, with solutions that reduce labor and postage expense, while simultaneously increasing the throughput, capacity, quality, and data information of operational processing.

ID Parcel & Mail Solutions provides innovative and cost-effective parcel and mail barcoding, OCR identification, processing and sorting systems

ID Parcel & Mail Solutions is located in the City of Middletown, CT, USA in a 10,000 square foot remodeled manufacturing facility within the Connecticut Enterprise Development Zone. The company is privately held and managed by its shareholders.

Over the years, ID Mail has evolved from just serving the US domestic mail barcoding industry to providing systems and solutions to some of the world’s most prestigious postal services, private delivery companies in Europe and Central and South America, and numerous international mail service businesses. This growth in international sales led the Connecticut District Office of the US Small Business Administration to award ID Parcel & Mail Solutions with the Small Business Exporter of the Year in 2009.

The Management Team

Jerry Fenerty
President & CEO

Nicolas Cabrera
Director, Operations and Service

Michael Eaton
VP Software Engineering

Bruce Hanson
VP Systems and Electrical Engineering

James Martinez
VP Mechanical Engineering & Procurement

US small business administration to award ID parcel & Mail Solutions

Technology Innovations to the Marketplace

ID Parcel & Mail Solutions focuses on low to middle volume parcel and mail processing, and sorting applications with proven solutions to handle varied product and mixed mail streams of letters, flats, packets and parcels. ID Mail has the right solution for your package and mail processing project.

While many sorter manufacturers talk of outstanding support and personalized attention, ID Mail delivers on this commitment by involving its management team directly in the process, from planning through implementation. ID Mail's Management will be actively involved in truly understanding your business and the individual package and mail handling requirements. Through this level of personalized attention, ID Mail can offer an optimum solution for your world-wide operations.

In addition, the flexibility of ID Mail's solutions and our ability to customize a unique system affordably for your market application is what separates ID Parcel & Mail Solutions from its competitors. At ID Mail we add value to virtually any processing and sorting operation through the intelligent implementation of technology.

Innovations by ID Parcel & Mail Solutions

  • Mixed Mail Affordable Sorting System
  • Low Cost Packet Parcel Sorting System
  • Accurate OCR at a reasonable price
  • INC.ware Incoming Address Coding Software
  • WORLD.ware International Address Coding Software
  • Variable Indicia and Address Printing on MLOCR Sorting System
  • Intuitive Touchscreen MMW and M-bag Systems
  • Container Bundle Labeling Systems
  • Single & Three-Tiered Flats & Packet Mail Sorting Bins
  • MLOCR Sorting Systems with in-line weighing and USPS Itemized Manufacturing
  • USPS Approved Mail Manifesting Solutions with compliant IMb & IMpb labels for:
    • First Class Flats and Packages
    • Priority Mail and Cubic Priority Mail
      • Automatic Dimensioning for USPS
    • Marketing Flats and Parcels
    • Bound Printed Matter Flats and Parcels
    • Library Mail
    • Media Mail
    • Parcel Select
      • Automatic Dimensioning for USPS
    • Parcel Select Lightweight
  • Max-M System - Desktop OCR Parcel Manifest Mail Systems
  • Fully Integrated MIS Interface & Production Data Management Systems