Dispatcher MX Mixed Mail Sorting System for Corporate Mail Processing

Corporate mail processing is streamlined with the Dispatcher MX, letting you spend more time on issues other than mail identification and sorting. By providing a complete set of features including feeding, OCR, mailstop and time/date printing, image archiving as well as sorting for automation of letters, flats and mixed-mail streams, the Dispatcher MX simplifies your inbound corporate mail processing tasks, helping you achieve faster processing times and enhanced service levels while reducing labor costs. For even greater ROI on your corporate mail automation, the Dispatcher MX can include the USPS automation postal barcoding and sorting software for outgoing mail streams within your mail room helping you realize postal discounts to realize an even better  return on investment.

Dispatcher MX Corporate Mixed Mail Sorting

Horizontal Processing Drives Flexibility

The Dispatcher MX's horizontal feeding system is unique, allowing the system to automate all categories of letters, flats, and packets up to 1 3/8" (35mm) thick. Address recognition is achieve with a state of the art imaging system and OCR and INC.ware software allowing the system's camera to automatically match the mail recipient with the internal mailstop and coding information so mail can be assigned and sorted per your organization’s delivery rules and requirements.  The Dispatcher MX printer allows mail addressed just to an individual’s name to have additional critical data printed on the mail to document when it was received and how to internally route the item.  Following reading, coding and printing, the Dispatcher MX sorts the mail pieces to your choice of single or tri-level sorting output modules (bins), creating neat stacks for ease of handling. Finally, by sorting the mail items to output containers for specific routes or buildings, mail room operators can more quickly proceed to delivering the mail rather than spending valuable time looking up internal address locations and writing the information on each mail piece.

INC.ware Drives Incoming Mail Stream Automation

INC.ware is the unique coding engine software that allows the Dispatcher MX to process your incoming mail streams. Once the characters are interpreted from the incoming destination address, INC.ware uses them to determine the appropriate destination mailstop from the customer's internal database. Depending on the characteristics of the mail stream, INC.ware can determine a match within the database based on the addressee's name, department or physical location. The coinciding mailstop or other identifier is retrieved from this database and printed on the piece as confirmation to the delivery person of its intended destination along with a time/date stamp that confirms your mailing operation is processing mail for the desired service level agreements (SLA).

Features and Benefits

  • Provides horizontal feeding for processing the widest range of both incoming and outgoing letters, flats, and packets up to 1 3/8" (35mm) thick
  • 13" grayscale camera with automated address block recognition codes the maximum amount of mail to help reduce labor costs
  • INC.ware codes items to the mailstop using name, department or address for increased automation of incoming mail and reduced labor expense
  • Print area up to 1 1/2" tall for maximum printing flexibility and data output
  • Single or multiple-level sorting module output bins  and turn conveyor modules allow the Dispatcher MX to fit virtually any space
  • Labeler available for print application on non-absorbent material

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