MMW M-bag System

The ID Mail MMW M-bag tag printing system is an enhanced version of the MMW system with the ability to create M-bag tag labels and direct operators on the type of M-bag tag and bag to finish creating an M-bag for postal processing.
MMW MBag system
Figure 1 - MMW M-Bag System with Input Conveyor

What is a M-bag and why use it?

  • Per USPS “M-bags are sacks of printed matter such as books or advertising material sent to a single foreign addressee at a single address.”
  • Items most have a total weight of 4.4 lbs. or 2Kg or more and up to 66 lbs. or 30Kg depending on country destination, and most fit in a postal sack.
  • Mailing in M-bags can provide a lower cost of postage for items that meet the requirements.

Since the mail item or parcel is inside the sack, a tag must be created that includes the destination addressee, return address, and postage payment indicia on the tag.

ID Mail’s MMW M-bag system get all of this done while at the same time capturing the mail piece information for postal manifesting and client billing.

When a mail piece is placed on the scale, the MMW M-bag system will automatically recognize the piece is over the 4.4 lbs. minimum, capture an image of the mail piece address via the camera imaging system, print all the appropriate labels for the tag and mail piece, show the operator where to apply the labels to the appropriate tag based on the customer’s routing service, and the correct mail sack to select and bag the piece, and then record all data. ID Mail’s innovative touchscreen user interface walks the operator through each step to insure fast processing and accurate results.

MMW M Bag User Interface
Figure 2 - MMW M-bag user interface

Depending on your operation’s daily M-bag processing volume, ID Mail can provide a simple stand alone MMW processing system with M-bag enhancement or higher volume solution that incorporates several workstations for more than one operator to process the different steps of creating an M-bag.

MMW M-Bag Image Capturing Station
Figure 3 - MMW M-bag Imaging Capture station and bagging station with conveyors and bag racks
M-bag tag and labelM-bag tag and label
Figure 4 - Picture of M-bag tag and label

The MMW M-bag system brings all parts of processing a M-bag item together for efficient processing and data collection all in one system.  Items are captured for customer billing, the correct postal indicia is applied to the mail item; labels for the M-bag tag and the correct M-bag image are printed and displayed to the operator so the M-bag is created correctly, and the data is saved for manifesting with the appropriate postal operator/partner.  Total production time: less than 20 seconds each compared with nearly a minute each when operators must hand write the M-bag tag and manually record billing information.

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