International Mail Consolidators

International re-mailing involves several methods to ship mail to a foreign destination, effectively bypassing the USPS. Remailed items go from the customer to an international mail service provider, which then delivers the mail to the appropriate foreign postal authority. The items are essentially "remailed" at the foreign location. The foreign postal authority in turn delivers the item to the intended recipient.

The increased volume of international mail has created several issues for international remailers:

  • The labor required to process the mailpieces has increased dramatically, which sometimes outstrips the available labor pool
  • Competitive pricing pressures have eroded operating margins
  • E-commerce has dramatically increased the number of international shipments, straining existing systems to handle the additional volumes
  • Increased volumes have created a parallel increase in the number of customers, which has created job log-in and billing function issues

Use of the Dispatcher Mixed-Mail processing system addresses each of the first three international remailing issues by automating the processing of international letters and flats to code, print, weigh and sort the mail. The Dispatcher reduces the amount of manual labor required to perform these operations, which can lead to increases in a remailer's margins, even as mail volumes increase. The ID Mail Interface system allows customer jobs to be accounted for individually, although the jobs are consolidated for shipment. The Interface accepts job input from the customer's billing system as well as provides output to that same system once the job is complete, helping ensure increased accuracy in a customer's billing statement and saving valuable processing time."

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