Dispatcher MX for International Mail Processing

ID Parcel & Mail Solutions is the leading provider of mail sorting systems for international cross-border mail processing.  With the Dispatcher MX System’s wide range of mail size processing capabilities (postcards to large packets), and ID Mail’s WORLD.ware address coding software and flexible routing matrix, the ID Mail Dispatcher MX is the industries best solution for OCR processing international mail at the most economical cost per piece.

International cross border mail processing is unique.  To achieve best cost processing, mailers must consider not only the destination of the mail, but also its format, weight, and the postal indicia that should be printed on the mail piece.  ID Mail automates all of these tasks with the Dispatcher MX Mixed Mail Sorting System!  By automating the feeding, imaging and OCR coding of the address to determine the destination country, measuring the dimensions of each mail piece to determine its format (postcard/letter/flat or packet) and weighing each mail piece, the Dispatcher MX will print a variable postal indicia on each piece based on your processing rules defined in the WORLD.ware coding and routing matrix file built for you by ID Mail.  After mail is printed, it is sorted to one of several sorting output module designs and counted for bagging and manifesting.  Added to these operational processing tasks are the need to capture accurate data about the mail to both bill your clients and prepare a manifest to send this mail through the desired postal operator. 

With letter mail capable of processing speeds up to 9,000 pieces per hour in weighing mode, and 10,000 pieces in a non-weighing mode, quick work of large volume transactional or direct mail can be achieved.  Remember, all components of processing international mail piece are accomplished on the Dispatcher MX system, so it isn’t just the speed of printing the variable indicia that is important, but that every piece of mail is registered, identified for its destination, its format and its weight recorded, the customer to bill, and then sorted and counted for dispatching to your postal partners!   

It is the complex operating requirements of cross-border mail processing that makes the Dispatcher MX System such an attractive purchase.  When compared to manual processing upwards of 10 personnel can be saved using the Dispatcher MX System!

The Dispatcher MX System significantly reduces your operational time and costs of mail processing, sorting and billing. By providing a complete set of features for the automation of international letters, flats, and packets, the Dispatcher MX Mixed Mail Sorting System speed up processing, helping you process mail faster while simultaneously reducing labor costs. Only one system, the Dispatcher MX, can automate your international letters, flats, and packets helping you fully leverage your automation investment.

Dispatcher MX
Dispatcher MX
ID Mail Dispatcher MX with In-Motion Scale and both SL3 & TL3 Sort Bin Modules

Horizontal Processing Drives Flexibility

The Dispatcher MX’s unique horizontal feeding system allows the system to automate all categories of letters and flats, up to 5/8" (16mm) thick. Mail items thicker than this can be manually inducted onto the transport at one or two manual mail induction stations next to the Auto-Feeder.  Alignment and imaging of the address occur almost instantly, and address recognition is done with either a color or grayscale camera to automate the identification of the country destination.  ID Mail’s proprietary WORLD.ware and WORLD.ware PLUS address coding software assigns the mail piece accurately within the milliseconds processing speed.  Format detection and inline weighing occur while the mail piece is moved to the printing module.  Using ID Mail’s Dispatcher MX patented compliant belt design, horizontal item processing of mixed thickness mail also allows up to 1 1/2" (38 mm) or 3” (76 mm) of color or black print across the mail piece height, so indicia, tracking numbers and other information can be applied in a single pass. Following reading, coding and printing, the Dispatcher MX sorts and counts the mail pieces to your choice of single or tri-level bins, creating neat stacks for ease of handling and shipping.  Tracking to each container is available and with the added Container Bundle Labeling systems (CBL), no manual counting of mail to finalize dispatching to the postal operators is required.

WORLD.ware Drives International Mail Automation

WORLD.ware and WORLD.ware PLUS are the most effective international address OCR coding software solutions available in the marketplace today!  These solutions allow the Dispatcher MX to process your international mail on an MLOCR sorting system. With a proprietary multi-language database including countries, ISO codes, provinces, states, cities and postal code format logic, once the destination country is looked up and recognized, WORLD.ware uses it with the captured weight, physical dimensions and other mail piece attributes to determine the proper postal indicia and sort location. Before reaching the sort bins, the Dispatcher's printing system applies all required information, including the appropriate indicia and unique tracking number if required. The Dispatcher also determines when a pre-set weight or piece limit has been reached for a bag full condition, which allows the system to print a bag/piece count number on the mail piece and signal a bin to be cleared and the mail to be bagged.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides automatic horizontal feeding for processing the widest range of letters and flats, up to 5/8" (16mm) thick
  • Provides easy manual feeding with one or two induction stations right next to the Auto-Feeder and system control screen.
  • 13" color or grayscale camera with automated address block recognition codes the maximum amount of mail to help reduce labor costs
  • Inline weighing scale and mail format detection for on-the-fly mail class/format determination.
  • WORLD.ware and WORLD.ware PLUS lets you sort mail according to destination, weight and other physical parameters for quicker handling at reduced labor expense
  • Print area up to 1 1/2" (38mm) or 3” (76mm) tall so items receive all required print, including the indicia, in a single pass. 
  • Optional label applicator to create printing clear zones or allow printing on plastic envelopes.
  • Single or multiple-level sorting module designs and output bins allow the Dispatcher MX to fit virtually any space with an optimal number of outputs.
  • Turn Conveyor modules allow maximizing system configurations for available facility space.
  • Container Bundle Labeling (CBL) systems and Mixed Mail Workstations (MMW) provide a total solution to mail service processing clients that handles 100% of processing needs!

Download PDF: ID Mail Dispatcher for International Mail Volumes

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