Private Delivery Couriers

Typically found in developing countries, private couriers provide delivery of letters, flats and parcels to its members' home and business addresses. Private couriers have become a necessity in many countries due to the unreliable nature of some government-owned postal authorities. For either a membership fee, per item charge or both, private couriers provide more reliable service by obtaining a signature as proof of delivery.

One of the major challenges faced by private couriers is the manual processing of the delivery data once a courier route person returns to the office. This data usually includes the date, time, tracking number and recipient signature for several hundred items, which creates additional labor costs and data recording errors.

The Dispatcher can be employed to process letter and flat items, printing a barcoded tracking number on each one. During processing the Dispatcher also counts the number of items and determines the weight of each, recording this information for later reference. Once the Dispatcher sorts the items to their appropriate routes, all captured data is stored, awaiting completion of the record once delivery is confirmed. At delivery, the applied barcode is scanned by an ID Mail personal data terminal, which opens a record within it in preparation for capturing the electronic signature of the recipient. Upon returning to the office, the personal data terminal information is downloaded and the records for all delivered items are completed. The data is then used for billing, proof of delivery and other record-keeping purposes. This streamlined approach reduces data recording errors, leading to improved billing and payment cycles.

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