Packet Parcel Sorting System (PPSS)

Versatile, Flexible, Affordable Parcel Sorting Without Sacrificing Quality

The PPSS system can be designed with various features and a range of options to most economically process and sort packages for distribution, ecommerce, postal, retail and warehouse applications. We’ll build your system to be the most cost effective by identifying the specific needs of your operation, and nothing else. This way we can configure or design a system that achieves your goals without the added cost of components or higher speeds that can’t be fully utilized and would add to the cost of the investment.

For demanding periods, the PPSS can accommodate up to four-persons feeding packages on the induction conveyor for maximum throughput However, on slower days, it can be operated with only one feeder. It is designed to easily ramp throughput up or down to meet shift or daily production requirements while minimizing labor expense. With both the option of automatic package labeling or manual labeling for irregulars or special labeling requirements, this same flexibility to deploy more or less operators allows operations to run the system with the labor resources required for that processing volume.

No automation solution works without reliable software and IT integration.  The standard solution includes ID’s interfacing to a customer’s IT system via customer provided RestAPIs or other software integration methods.  By allowing customers to maintain the business logic of their process, customers can quickly and cost effectively adapt those rules without incurring delays and additional fees.  The PPSS provides the means of capturing data more efficiently and executing their business processes at much lower cost per piece.  

The purchase of the system provides a comprehensive solution that includes the equipment, software, and the commissioning, acceptance testing, and training for the customer’s staff responsible to operate the system. For ongoing support, ID Parcel & Mail Solutions provides various levels of service and support to keep the PPSS running reliably over many years.

Small PPSS

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It’s all upside with the PPSS. If you’re experiencing increasing labor expense and challenged finding quality and reliable staffing, the PPSS will improve your operation in a number of ways. Here are a few...

  • Up to 4-5x throughput per man hour compared to manual processing.
  • Fewer sorting errors versus manual sorting.
  • Capable of running with as few as 3 operators during low volume days or shifts.
  • Much higher capacity with less space consumption when packages move rather than sitting in queue.
  • Ergonomic design allows clear view of workflow and identification of issues.
  • Proven domestic and cross-border processing expertise with flexible solutions that provide 100% processing results.
  • Low initial capital investment with a faster return on investment.
  • Lower staff and maintenance costs.
  • Engineered for postal operations and multiple shift processing utilization.
Automatic labeling option
Sorting System with both sorting to Gaylord boxes and postal bags



The PPSS is packed with standard features that will help make your operation more efficient right out of the gate. Additional features can be added when appropriate to the budget and requirements. Our team will help assess your operational requirements to ensure that your system is designed only with features that are necessary, and have the ability to impact your bottom line.

Some of The Key Features of The PPSS...

  • Manual package feeding at speeds up to 1,000 to 1,500 pieces per hour per operator, depending on package sizes and weights.
  • Capable of processing a wide range of parcel types and sizes from small mailing packets to medium sized cartons. 
  • Precision in-motion weighing scale captures weights up to 22 lbs. (10Kg) parcels and its length, width and height dimensions at +/- .4” (10mm) accuracy.  Options for certified weighing & tighter tolerance dimensioning available.
  • A range of high-speed barcode reading systems with integrated LED lighting systems for 1D/2D barcodes or OCR image acquisition are available, depending on budget & application requirements. 
  • Automatic or manual labeling via ID Parcel & Mail’s proprietary parcel queue and label printing matching logic to each package for fast label printing and application either by hand or automatically via print & apply labeling systems using robotic technology.  
  • Innovative pass-through conveyor design for sorting parcels that do not require labeling.
  • ID Parcel & Mail’s integration with customer IT system via multiple industry standard methods.
  • Rugged and highly reliable conveyors and sorting systems with various diverting technologies can be configured with the desired number of outlets to match both customer’s budget, processing needs, and facility space contstraints.
  • Tracking sensors and itemized piece tracking to the sorting outlet containers with the optional sorter outlet control panels and container labeling systems provide manifesting of pieces to containers.


ID Parcel & Mail Solutions is equipped to design and build both large and small Packet Parcel Sorting Systems. We’ve worked with some of the largest mail and parcel service operations, and retailers, to deliver a variety of PPSS systems for all types of operations and special applications. We are uniquely equipped to deliver affordable and reliable parcel automation systems.

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