International Mail Processing System

International mail processing is expedited with the Dispatcher, letting you spend more time on issues other than mail processing, sorting and billing. By providing a complete set of features for the automation of international letters and flats, the Dispatcher mail sorters speed up processing, helping you process mail faster while simultaneously reducing labor costs. The Dispatcher can automate your international letters, flats, and packets helping you fully leverage your automation investment.

International Mail Processing System
ID Mail Dispatcher with In-Motion Scale and TL3 Sort Bin Modules

Horizontal Processing Drives Flexibility

The Dispatcher's unique horizontal feeding system allows the system to automate all categories of letters and flats, up to 3/4" thick. Address recognition is also aided, allowing the system's 8" grayscale camera to automate the maximum number of international items. Horizontal item processing also allows up to 2" of color or black print across the mail piece height, so indicia, tracking numbers and other information can be applied in a single pass. Following reading, coding and printing, the Dispatcher sorts the mail pieces to your choice of single or tri-level bins, creating neat stacks for ease of handling and shipping.

WORLD.ware Drives International Mail Automation

WORLD.ware is most effective international address OCR coding software that allows the Dispatcher to process your international mail on an MLOCR sorting system. With a proprietary Multilanguage database including countries, provinces, states, cities and postal code format logic, once the destination country is looked up and recognized, WORLD.ware uses it with the captured weight, physical dimensions and other mail piece attributes to determine the proper indicia and sort location. Before reaching the sort bins, the Dispatcher's printing system applies all required information, including the appropriate indicia and unique tracking number if required. The Dispatcher also determines when a pre-set weight or piece limit has been reached for a bag full condition, which allows the system to print a bag/piece count number on the mail piece and signal a bin to be cleared and the mail to be bagged.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides horizontal feeding for processing the widest range of letters and flats, up to 3/4" thick
  • Print area up to 2" tall so items receive all required print, including the indicia, in a single pass
  • 8" grayscale camera with automated address block recognition codes the maximum amount of mail to help reduce labor costs
  • Single or multiple-level bins allow the Dispatcher to fit virtually any space
  • WORLD.ware lets you sort mail according to destination, weight and other physical parameters for quicker handling at reduced labor expense
  • Weigh-in-motion scale for on-the-fly weight determination so bags can be closed during processing and get to their destination faster

Download PDF: ID Mail Dispatcher for International Mail Volumes

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