USPS Presort Service Bureaus

The Dispatcher Mixed-Mail processing system provides the platform for presorting to achieve USPS worksharing discounts. With an operational throughput of up to 9,000 letters per hour, the Dispatcher typically finds application in smaller letter sorting operations of 10,000 - 50,000 pieces per day. In most instances, Dispatcher presort customers sort to the 3-digit level, and in many cases they sort only to the Mixed AADC or AADC levels. This is a direct result of the relatively low mail volumes processed by these customers, which provide qualification to these levels.

In addition to letters, the Dispatcher's ability to sort flat-sized mail has caused it to gain wider use at increasingly more presort organizations as the volume of First Class letters continues to decline. Although the traditional methods of processing USPS items in single-ounce increments is problematic for lower volume items such as flats, the introduction of manifesting allows all flats within a mail class to be processed together, irrespective of their individual weights. Manifesting therefore eliminates the need to segregate items prior to processing. In addition, because manifesting is used with permit mailings and the Dispatcher prints the permit during processing, the need to apply metered postage is eliminated.

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