Mixed Mail Workstation (MMW)

Mixed Mail Workstation

The new Mixed Mail Workstation (MMW system) from ID Mail provides a fast and intuitive mail, packet and parcel processing solution for international items. This Mixed Mail Workstation system can be tailored for each customer with the top 52 country destinations and formats on the home screen allowing operators to quickly "code" and process mail. All countries of the world are within “one-touch” via the innovative user interface.  Items are tracked to the operator and customer job and using ID Mail's WORLD.ware solution, automatic selection of the correct postal indicia based on destination, format, service, and customer are linked and an indicia label printed for quick application to the mail or parcel. “One-touch” coding is possible when the destination and format are the same from mail or parcel piece to the next mail or parcel piece. 

Whether you have a small volume to process and only need one MMW system, or if you have a large volume of non-machine friendly mail and parcels, this solution integrates your business processing rules with an easy to use operational system and then ties all the data into your IT system for faster processing and better utilization of manpower!

MMW system with recessed scale and desk
Figure 1- MMW system with recessed scale and desk

The Mixed Mail Workstation includes:

  • ID Mail MMW Software license
  • 24-inch touch screen monitor on arm
  • High speed label printer
  • Postal weighing scale handling up to 70 lbs. or 32 Kg
  • Barcode scanner for unique ID tracking and job or airway bill scanning
  • Windows 10 Professional Computer with current generation hardware
  • Optional UPS and ergonomically designed workstation for recessed scale and improved ergonomics
  • Optional input conveyor with control and sensors for faster processing
  • Optional OCR Imaging camera and add-on software for Customs data collection & labeling
  • Optional automatic dimensioning systems for measuring package volume
Max M Workstation Screenshot
MMW Screenshot with optional auto-dimensioner


  • ID Mail’s innovative MMW user interface easily configured for each customer’s most common destinations
  • Association of the mail piece data with the customer and job
  • Selection of the format and country via the touch screen GUI
  • Capture of the mail piece weight
  • Capture of the mail or parcel dimensions with auto-dimensioning options
  • Printing on a self-adhesive label
    • PPI
    • Client specific routing and/or sorting information
    • Optional Bag and Piece id number
  • Track operator productivity
  • Multi-piece processing with automatic weigh counting and variable label printing

The benefits of the proposed solutions are:

  • Faster processing time for mail pieces that are presently done via manual methods.
  • Integrate data capture for billing and operational measurements and transfer through the ID Mail SQL Interface system to customer’s IT system for postal reporting and client billing.
  • Ergonomically designed workstation to improve operator productivity and comfort as well as stability for weighing accuracy.
  • User friendly Interface for minimal operator steps in coding individual mail pieces.
  • Easily integrated with optional input and a central output conveyor with barcode reading and sorting features for future additional efficiency improvements.
MMW with Auto Dimensioning option
Figure 2- MMW with Auto Dimensioning option

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