Dispatcher MX Mail Sorting System

Postal Approved Mail Sorting System

The Dispatcher line has a new flagship.

Automatic and manual feeding stations.
Flexible feeding up to 1 3/8" (35mm) thick.
12" field-of-view camera.
Precise mailing alignment.
Rugged, reliable, and quieter design.

Dispatcher MX ID Mail & Parcel Solutions

Expanding upon the success of ID Mail's Dispatcher mail sorters, the Dispatcher MX Series mail sorting system raises the bar for letter, flat and mixed mail stream automation.

Dispatcher Mail Sorters

Maximum mail piece dimension range, excellent throughput, best-in-class flexibility, rugged reliability and affordable price points are just some of the MX mail sorting system benefits.

Applications: Flexible platform can be used standalone or networked with ID Mail's Mixed Mail Station to automate postal authority domestic mail production and revenue protection, international cross border mailings, private delivery with piece id tracking, USPS presort automation and corporate incoming and other special processing needs.

Flexible Material Feeding: The Dispatcher MX Series provides a host of new features, including the ability to process items up to 1 3/8" (35mm) thick. Automatic and manual feeding stations are included for optimizing mail variety and labor productivity.

Reading Flexibility: A 12" (305mm) field-of-view camera with increased depth of field expands the system's imaging and coding capabilities beyond traditional MLOCR systems.

Expanded Printing Capability: Virtually any printing task can be accommodated, including Mail Franking, Revenue Protection Codes, Destination Coding (1D barcodes, 2D barcodes), Indicia, Logos, Addresses, Tracking Numbers and Endorsements.

Output: Following printing, pieces are sorted to the ergonomically designed multi-tiered TL3 Modules or low cost single-tiered SL3 bins according to postal code, country or other destination.


  • Command/control software is standard on each mail sorting system to ensure each piece is accounted for and that it reaches its intended bin.
  • Flexible software features allow easy operator management of mail processing.
  • Can be configured with a Multi-Line OCR as well as BCR software.
  • Flexible and highly accurate coding engines for different mail streams.
  • Incoming mail identification and sorting with ID Mail's INC.ware software.
  • International applications can be processed with WORLD.ware software by country, city, piece weight, size or any combination of these.
  • For USPS mail, the system is configured with a CASS database, Itemized Manifest Mail Preparation and POSTNET as well as Intelligent Mail barcode printing capability and UMove address verification.
  • Domestic mail sorting to postal code or delivery point barcode using house number, street name, city, and postal code with a predefined address databases or a custom built database using ID Mail's flexible coding engine.


  • Weigh-in-Motion and Format Detection: provides precise piece weights and dimensions on mail for postage payment, revenue protection or determining tray and bag breaks for delivery.
  • Labeling: ensures a consistent printing surface or provides an easy solution for covering up preprinted domestic permits when processing for international destinations.
  • Barcode Verification: For USPS value-added refund and other applications where the Dispatcher MX has applied a barcode, the verifier ensures compliance with standards.

Configuration and layout options
By designing the system as modules, the Dispatcher MX is highly configurable for different customer requirements and facility layout needs.  From a small 3 or 6 sorting outlet system to a large system with 120 or more sorting outlets, the Dispatcher MX can be configured to meet your specific needs and space constraints.  Using 90 or 180 degree turn modules, the system can fit in a variety of facilities as shown in the pictures below:

Configurable Dispatcher MX
Configurable Dispatcher MX
Configurable Dispatcher MX
Configurable Dispatcher MX
Configurable Dispatcher MX

Priced to Please
As the primary automation sorting system for mix mail, or as a complement to existing manual workstations, the Dispatcher MX Series mail sorting system is priced to give you the quickest payback possible for an automated solution.


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