Dispatcher Mail Sorter Systems

The Total Mail Processing Solution for Incoming, Outgoing, International and Private Delivery Markets

The Dispatcher mail sorter systems are truly innovative, providing the most complete set of features available for automating letters, flats and mixed-mail streams. Automating your mail processing is the key to improved delivery and labor savings. The Dispatcher has automated international mailing and remailing, USPS Presort and Royal Mail DSA for worksharing discounts, postal authority automation, private delivery couriers, corporate and academic mail center processing and special mail and item processing for data capture and sorting. Dispatcher mail sorters provide multiline optical character recognition (MLOCR), with multifont recognition capability. This flexible mail sorting platform is designed to feed, image, read, code and sort various mail sizes. Equipped with a CASS certified National Address Directory, the Dispatcher is ready to print delivery point barcodes on outgoing USPS letter and flat mail items. When sorting mail for international destinations or private delivery addresses, the proprietary ID Mail WORLD.ware directory can be utilized to sort mail to all countries, most cities and unique mail stops.
ID Mail Dispatcher with In-Motion Scale and TL3 Sort Bin Modules
ID Mail Dispatcher with In-Motion Scale and TL3 Sort Bin Modules
Dispatcher Front
ID Mail Dispatcher with In-Motion Scale and TL3 Sort Bin Modules

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides horizontal feeding for processing the widest range of letters and flats, up to 3/4" thick
  • Printing of information up to 1 1/2" tall so multiple items of data are printed in a single pass
  • 8" grayscale MLOCR helps ensure the greatest amount of mail is automated so labor costs are minimized
  • Single or multiple-level mail sort bins allow Dispatcher mail sorter systems to fit in virtually any space
  • Manifesting eliminates the need to meter postage and allows mixed weight items to be more easily processed

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