ID Mail Products

ID Parcel & Mail Solutions is focused on middle to low volume for parcel and mail processing and sorting operations with proven solutions to increase productivity and throughput of packets and parcels and mixed mail streams of letters and flats. From postcards to parcels, whether reading barcodes or using OCR for machine and handprint reading, ID Mail has the right automation solutions for your organization.

All ID Mail products offer an extensive list of possible features depending on your application requirements.  More importantly, ID Mail is adept at customizing its solutions to provide you with the solution that fits your needs:

Optical character recognition: multi-line machine and hand-written
Bar code recognition: 1D or 2D formats
Name and address recognition and coding database for all different types of applications
Automatic and manual feeding and processing
Polarized grayscale or color camera imaging
Dimensioning and weighing - both commercial and legal for trade versions
Label printing and application and/or direct thermal printing
Sorting in a variety of containers and outlet types
Data for every package or mail piece processed
Robust, reliable and easy to use

Dispatcher Mixed Mail Sorting Systems

MLOCR Reading Technologies

With state-of-the-art camera imaging products and innovative material handling designs, ID Mail installs highly capable software recognition products that can read multiple languages, fonts, barcode types and provide you with an accurate and more cost effective automation solution for your operations. No matter if you need name recognition to route an incoming corporate parcel, or a unique street address for barcoding and routing a mail piece for delivery, or weighing and dimensioning a parcel for cross-border best cost routing and variable indicia printing, ID Mail will design and assemble the necessary features on a system for your operational requirements.