MAX-M Mail & Parcel Manifesting System

With e-commerce increasing packet, package and parcel shipments each year, and First-Class letter mail volumes declining just as quickly, ID Mail provides the perfect solution to allow mail service businesses to enter the rapidly expanding parcel processing market. 

Or if your organization mails a large volume of preaddressed flats or ships packages through USPS, the MAX-M OCR Manifesting System will provide both a fast processing solution using ID Mail’s OCR for USPS barcode assignment and facilities postage payment directly from your postal permit account.

With configurations for volumes as low as 200 pieces per day to multi-station systems for up to 5,000 pieces per day, ID Mail tailors the system to your needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete system of hardware and software creates an alternative revenue source for presorters or captures additional worksharing discounts to reduce postage expense.
  • Eliminates the 20 cents surcharge for USPS parcels by printing the required IMpb barcode and automatically uploading the Shipping Services File (SSF) to the USPS sftp site.
  • Precision MLOCR Imaging Camera and CASS/MASS approved USPS address database allows for complete address coding and delivery point barcode assignment.
  • Application of USPS permit eliminates the need to meter mail eliminating the need for ongoing postage meter rental.
  • Destination entry and volume worksharing discounts supported for enhanced revenue generation or postage savings.
  • Ergonomically designed workstation desk for operator ease and efficiency.
  • Optional automatic Dimensioning of packages available
  • Optional input and take-away conveyors for faster operator processing.
  • Single station to networked multiple stations for high volume processing.

USPS Postage Classes Supported

  • First Class Flats and Packages
  • Priority Mail and Cubic Priority Mail
    • With dimensional pricing
  • Marketing Flats and Parcels
  • Bound Printed Matter
  • Library Mail
  • Media Mail
  • Parcel Select
    • With dimensional pricing
  • Parcel Select Lightweight.
Figure 1 USPS Itemized Manifesting Label and IMpb Label created by the MAX-M System

Download PDF: MAX-M System

If your volumes require even more processing horsepower, check out the ID Mail Packet Parcel Sorting Systems.

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