Dispatcher Max Mixed Mail Sorting System

The newest advancement in the line of Dispatchers.

6 person input station.
Extremely diverse feeding up to 1 1/2" (40mm) thick.
Printing/Labeling capabilities on papers, plastics, Tyvek®, cardboards, and more!
13" (330mm) field of view camera.

The Dispatcher Max is not only an advancement to the line of Dispatcher sorting systems, but to mail processing. Created for sorting "rest mail", the Max is designed for extreme flexibility and variety with the ability to sort everything from normal letters to oversized flats, packets, small packages, newspapers, magazines, and more. The all NEW Dispatcher Max - dispatching the notion of non-machinable mail.

The Max handles maximum mail piece dimension range in the line of Dispatchers, while obtaining excellent throughput and dynamic versatility.

Applications: The Dispatcher Max can be used for irregular letters, large letter, flat mail, packets up to 40 mm thick, and rest mail that is generally not compatible with high speed automated sorting systems. The system is ideally suited to postal operators that have invested in new high speed mixed mail sorting systems, and now have 10 to 15% of their mail volume that requires printing barcodes, carrier walk sequence codes, or forwarding addresses. International mail processors can also use it as a general purpose mixed mail sorting solution with the addition of ID Mail’s WORLD.ware coding database and inline weighing scale and indicia printing solution. Private postal couriers can use it for general mixed mail and packet sorting by courier route. Any mail sorting application requiring the widest range of mail piece size processing could be an excellent fit for the new Dispatcher Max.

Flexible Material Feeding: The Dispatcher Max offers an advancement to size of sortable mail pieces, including small pieces (60mm x 80mm) up to large pieces. The Max’s thickness capability ranges from 1 mm to 40mm with a weight capacity of 3,000 grams. Reject bins will remove any mail pieces over 40mm thick.

Reading Flexibility: A 13” (330mm) field-of view camera with increased imaging and coding capabilities to provide a clear reading for the wider range of mail pieces that can be processed beyond the previous Dispatchers.

Optional Precision Inline Weighing Scale: An optional inline scale can be added to the Dispatcher Max for capturing each mail piece's weight. Mail piece weights can be used with destination and format to determine the indicia to print, the routing, and the billing or franking rate. This allows Dispatcher users to automatically generate a postal manifest report for postage payment, or a billing report for invoicing customers. Since the task of capturing the mail piece weight is done automatically, there is no extra cost to capturing this data while the mail piece is sorted.

Configurable Delay Module: The Dispatcher Max can be configured with a delay line solution that provides from 0 to 30 seconds of processing time for OCR, barcode reading, and real-time video encoding. Configuration is determined by customer requirements and application requirements.

Expanded Printing and Labeling Capabilities: The combination printer and labeler module can handle virtually any task. The system can print and label on almost any mail material including plastics, papers, cardboards, Tyvek®, and more. The system will either print directly onto the mail piece or onto a removable label if the mail piece has a busy background and requires a clear zone. These labels can be peeled off to uncover advertisements or headlines on newspapers, magazines, etc. The system can accommodate any printing needs, including carrier walk sequence codes, forwarding addresses, barcodes, indicia, and route codes.

Output: Following printing and a 180° U-Turn, mail pieces are sorted to single-tiered SL3 bins. With multiple sorting options, the mail can be sorted according to postal code, country or other destination. These bins are equipped with LED display and bin full detection. As few as 3 sorting bins or as many as 200 can be configured for every customer application.

Software: The system GUI or MMI is tailored for each customer/application and the local operator language. Machine command/control software is standard on each mail sorting system to ensure each piece is accounted for and that it reaches its intended bin. Flexible software features allow easy operator management of mail processing including highly accurate coding engines for different mail streams. International applications can be processed with WORLD.ware software by country, city, piece weight, size or any combination of the above. For USPS mail, the system is configured with a CASS database, Itemized Manifest Mail Preparation, Intelligent Mail barcode printing capability, and UMove™ address verification. Domestic mail sorting to postal code or delivery point barcode using house number, street name, city, and postal code with a predefined address databases or a custom built database using ID Mail's flexible coding engine.

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