Domestic Mail Processing System

Mail Service and Presort Mail Bureau Application of ID Mail Products

The Dispatcher domestic mail processing system simplifies the processing of USPS mail for worksharing discounts. By providing the most complete set of features available for automating letters, flats and mixed-mail streams, the Dispatcher simplifies automation of your domestic mail processing, allowing you access to deeper presort discounts while reducing your labor expense.

Domestic Mail Processing System

The ID Mail Dispatcher is a multiline, multifont mail processing system designed to feed, image, read, code and sorts various mail sizes. Equipped with a CASS certified National Address Directory, The Dispatcher ready to print delivery point barcodes on outgoing letter and flat mail items.

Horizontal Processing Drives Flexibility

The Dispatcher employs a unique horizontal feeding system, allowing the system to automate all categories of letters and flats, up to 3/4" thick. Horizontal processing also aids address recognition so the system's 8" or 12" FOV grayscale camera captures more addresses and automates more mail. Printing of IMb, POSTnet, or CBC barcodes is included with the 1.5" or 3" of color or black print that can be applied across the mail piece length while items travel beneath the print heads. Following reading, coding and printing, the Dispatcher sorts the mail pieces to your choice of single or tri-level bins, creating neat stacks for ease of handling.

Manifesting for Enhanced Operations

Not only can the Dispatcher process same-weight flats, but the addition of the manifesting package allows mixed-weight items to be processed as well. Manifesting also allows the Dispatcher's printing system to automatically apply a permit imprint, eliminating the expensive and time-consuming task of metering the mail. The ID Mail manifesting software creates all required USPS documentation, including an itemized manifest, postage statement and qualification report (if required).

Features and Benefits

  • Capable of processing up to 10,000 pieces per hour
  • Certified address coding software licenses for delivery point barcoding
  • Manifesting eliminates the need to meter postage and allows simplified processing of mixed-weight items
  • Provides horizontal feeding for processing the widest range of letters and flats, up to 3/4" thick
  • Printing of information 1.5" or 3" tall so multiple items of data are printed in a single pass, including IMb, POSTnet, and CBC barcodes
  • 8" or 12" FOV grayscale camera helps ensure the greatest amount of mail is automated for maximized discounts and minimized labor
  • Single or multiple-level bins allow the Dispatcher to fit in virtually any space
  • Labeler available for print application on non-absorbent material
  • Optional Barcode Verifier for USPS VAR applications

Download PDF: ID Mail Dispatcher for Flats Processing

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