Mail Manifesting Software Packages

ID Mail's Mail Manifesting software packages provide you with the deepest discounts available for USPS outgoing mail, going beyond presort and automation to the destination entry level. No other submittal method or reporting package provides such deep discounts for mixed-weight mailings. ID Mail's manifesting software product provides a unique advantage for mail processors looking to replace revenue lost from the shrinkage of First Class letter volumes.

The ID Mail manifesting software can be used in conjunction with the Dispatcher MX, Dispatcher, Packet Parcel Sorting system or the MAX-M products to process outgoing USPS flats, packets and parcels. During processing the weight and size is captured along with CASS address coding result and a unique tracking id is applied to the mail item. Once processing is completed, the data is forwarded to the manifesting software where the manifest, postage statement and all other documents required by the USPS are created. Sortation and qualification levels are calculated and can be reviewed via a temporary manifesting process so decisions can be made on the best submission to USPS.

Supported Mail Classes and Services

  • First Class automation flats
  • Standard Class presort and automation flats
  • Bound Printed Matter presort flats and parcels
  • Bound Printed Matter destination entry flats and parcels (DBMC and DSCF levels)
  • Priority Mail
  • Delivery Confirmation for all supported parcels and Priority Mail

Features and Benefits

  • Permit mailings used with manifesting eliminate the expense associated with metering (permits applied automatically by Dispatcher and MAX-M)
  • Presort, automation and destination entry discounts provide the greatest possible revenue
  • Provides a simple method of submittal for mixed-weight mailings
  • Supports virtually any level of processing volume via the Dispatcher's automated processing or the MAX-M's manual processing
  • Each processed item receives a unique tracking barcode for simplified USPS acceptance and customer reporting
  • Delivery Confirmation for parcels and Priority Mail allows your customer to confirm item delivery

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