Mail Sorter Systems for Private Courier Mail

Processing private courier mail with the Dispatcher mail sorter systems provides item tracking and allows proof the item was delivered to the recipient in a timely manner. By providing secure mail delivery, the Dispatcher gives you an added level of customer service and simultaneously automates the process to speed delivery and reduce labor costs. The Dispatcher can automate both letters and flats to help fully leverage the investment in your private courier service.

Mail Sorter Systems for Private Courier Mail

ID Mail Dispatcher with Linear SL4 Sort Bin Modules

Horizontal Processing Supports Enhanced Service

The Dispatcher's unique horizontal feeding system allows the system to automate all categories of letters, flats, and packets up to 3/4" thick. Address recognition is accomplished with the system's 8" or 12" FOV gray scale camera to automate the maximum number of items. Horizontal item processing also allows up to 3" of color or black print across the mail piece height, so route or courier codes, tracking numbers, barcodes, delivery service logo or indicia and other information can be applied in a single pass. Following reading, coding and printing, the Dispatcher sorts the mail pieces to your mail delivery areas or routes in your choice of single or tri-level bins, allowing the system to fit in virtually any space.

Enhanced Customer Service

By printing a unique tracking barcode on each item, and then tying it to the delivery address as well as the date and time of handling, the Dispatcher provides the basis for enhancing your customer service. At delivery the tracking barcode is captured and the recipient's signature is obtained using a handheld data terminal, creating a complete record of the item's delivery within the handheld. When the handheld's delivery data is downloaded, a complete record of the item's handling is created, from initial processing through delivery. This detailed item history gives your customers the assurance they require of a successful and timely delivery.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides detailed proof to your customer of an item's timely delivery
  • Print area up to 2" tall so items receive a tracking number, barcode, date and time of delivery in a single pass
  • Provides horizontal feeding for processing the widest range of letters and flats, up to ¾" thick
  • 8" grayscale camera with automated address block recognition codes the maximum amount of mail to help reduce labor costs
  • Single or multiple-level bins allow the Dispatcher to fit virtually any space
  • Weigh-in-motion scale for on-the-fly determination of weights used in customer billing

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