ID Mail Data Management Technology

Interface System

The link between a customer's Management Information System (MIS) and its mail handling equipment is critical in creating an efficient processing environment. The Data Management System links your MIS to each processing node within the ID Mail network, acting as the distribution and aggregation point for your mail processing data. The Data Management System streamlines this link by automating data management tasks such as:

  • Distribution of customer job setup information
  • Collection of completed individual mail piece and job information
  • Transfer of closed job data to the MIS including automatic updates to SQL and SAP databases

The Data Management System can be used as the interface between your MIS and any combination of these ID Mail products:

ID Mail Systems Management Technology
Figure 1 Example of a bespoke IT solution ID Mail provided for multiple sites and systems including Dispatcher MX and MMW Systems with data transferred from and to the customer’s SAP system.

Because the Data Management System automates the collection and transfer of information to the MIS in a consistent, pre-determined format, each of these post-processing activities is expedited and enhanced:

  • Invoicing
  • Data accuracy
  • Management reporting
  • Customer notification

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