Affordability in Parcel & Mail Automation Does Not Always Mean Lower Quality

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


You may be thinking about the value of adding an automation sortation system to your operation, or upgrading your existing setup. After all, the benefits are well known – more predictable results, less reliance on difficult to find labor, reduced postage and shipping costs, data tracking, and most importantly, the ability to handle larger volumes. Many smaller organizations, or larger organizations with smaller applications, however, are reluctant to shift from manual processing and sorting to automation because of the perceived high-cost of the investment.

Lower cost systems, however, do exist - and quality does not have to be a trade-off. ID Parcel and Mail Solutions is a nimble, highly experienced, highly competent organization that works with operations to provide affordable solutions without sacrificing quality. We do so in a variety of ways. The most important being we identify the essential needs of our customer's operation. This way we can configure or design a system that achieves critical goals without the added cost of a higher speed system that can’t be fully utilized, or with ancillary components that would otherwise add to the cost.

Just like more expensive systems sold by larger companies, we build our systems with best-in-class technologies from leading manufacturers. Some of the quality subsystems that go into our systems include industrial conveyors from MK North America, Dalsa line scan cameras, Datalogic high-performance barcode imaging scanners, highly accurate scales form Wipotec, and robust sorting technologies from MHS, Regal Rexnord and us. These, along with other industrial components, are assembled into precision systems with flexible software that deliver many years of production.

Because we're a smaller organization we do not carry the significant overhead that many larger automation system providers do. Overhead has to be paid for and is passed on to the customer. The result is a higher priced product.

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