Upgrade to Existing Wizmo Parcel Sorting System Increases Throughput 4-5X Per Man Hour



ID Parcel & Mail Solutions recently completed an upgrade to a Packet Parcel Sorting System (PPSS) for Wizmo, the B2C delivery solutions provider for large volume shippers. ID had previously designed and installed the PSSS to include induction, DWS, delay and accumulating conveyor for manual labeling and sorting on workstations supplied by Wizmo at their Mississauga Canada location. The upgrade changed the layout to a u-shape to better accommodate material flow and a new warehouse configuration, and added automatic sorting for the processing of mixed streams of small packets and parcels. 

Specific changes to the existing setup included adding several 90-degree righthand turn conveyors to facilitate the layout change and a new 20-outlet NBS90 SP Sorting System. The sorting system can accommodate 10 outlets for gaylords or gravity roller conveyors and 10 outlets for sorting small packages directly into postal bags. 

Upgraded PPSS with new 20-outlet NBS90 SP Sorting System

The upgrade included the new equipment and changes to the existing system, enhanced IT integration for piece to container manifesting, shipping to the Wizmo site as well as the commissioning and training for the Wizmo staff responsible to o­perate the upgraded system.

These additions along with the original PPSS system provide a range of benefits including up to 4-5x increase throughput per man hour compared to the old manual processing methods, the ability to run with as few as one operator during low volume demand periods and 4 operators during peak periods, higher capacity with much less space consumption, and an ergonomic design that allows clear view of workflow and identification of issues. 

"With the help of ID Parcel and Mail Solutions’ highly attentive team, we’ve taken our operation from a manual to a fully -automated processing operation and we’re already seeing very good payback. Jerry and his crew have worked very closely with our team to ensure that the system is setup to provide maximum efficiency and that we are already enjoying its benefits and increased capacity which supports growth in our business."

-       Alex Moore and Craig Radford, Founders & Co-Chief Executive Officers at Wizmo Solutions
Closer look at Parcel Sorting System sorting outlets
Canadian flag hanging at ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Headquarters. Each time we install a system in a new country we add their country flag to our collection.

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