ePost Global Expands its Partnership with ID Parcel & Mail

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


After successfully designing, building, and installing a Packet Parcel Sorting System (PPSS) at ePost Global (“ePost”) in Rancho Dominguez, CA, ID Parcel and Mail Solutions has received an order for two additional PPSS systems from ePost.

The recently installed system has significantly increased ePost’s capacity and productivity just in time for the upcoming peak season.

The system features over 20 sorting outputs and processes mixed streams of small packets and parcels specifically designed to support cross-border distribution. With a variety of options including automated dimensioning, weighing, barcode scanning, labeling and sorting, the system provides flexibility and greater productivity versus manual processing.

Fabrizio Alvear, Executive Vice President at ePost says, “With the explosion in cross border parcel growth that we have experienced, automating our parcel processing and sorting became critical. After an extensive selection process, we selected ID Mail’s Packet Parcel Sorting System as the best solution for processing our customers parcels faster and increasing our capacity in each of our facilities.“

Jerry Fenerty, President and CEO, at ID Parcel and Mail Solutions, stated “Working with ePost Global on the complex automation process for international parcels has been exciting for our team. The ePost operations and technology teams have embraced the new solution with enthusiasm and creativity, allowing our team to design and deliver a state-of-the-art solution. We look forward to continuing to deliver these results at their other facilities.”

The team at ID Parcel & Mail Solutions is proud to have had a part in helping deliver a product that provides such an impact. We’re looking forward to providing two more systems as well.

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