Expanding The Productivity Lifespan of Mail Sorting Machine With Software & Hardware Upgrades

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


PostNord A/S (Post Danmark), the postal service provider to senders and recipients in Denmark, has been using several ID Parcel and Mail Solutions’ Dispatcher MX Mixed Mail Sorting Systems and MMW Systems for providing postal franking and Business Reply Mail processing for their commercial customers for over 15 years! Though market conditions have changed, and technology has evolved, these rugged systems continue to provide day and night production processing for the Danish postal operator.  As technology gets older, however, these systems can be difficult to continually support as software and hardware elements become obsolete.


However, when ID Parcel and Mail delivers a solution to its customers, it believes it has entered a long-term partnership.  As such, we continue to provide support, upgrades and replacement technology to keep these important assets productively functioning.  


Two of ID Parcel and Mail’s team members, Nicolas Cabrera and Michael Eaton were recently in Denmark upgrading the systems’ computers, cameras, software, printers, and other components to ensure PostNord can continue to operate these machines with current technology and have the confidence that they can use these systems for many more years to come. 

If you’re looking for an automation partner that really takes the responsibilities of that partnership seriously, give ID Parcel and Mail a call.

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