Helping Smaller Parcel Processing Operations Make Automation a Sensible Investment

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


Many of today's parcel sorting operations are struggling with how to realize a return on investment with automated sorting equipment. Large systems with all the bells and whistles often times won't pay off for these operations. Here's how ID Parcel & Mail Solutions is helping make automation not only affordable, but profitable for smaller operations...

Operational Analysis

Our team takes the time to fully understand your operational requirements before estimating a system. We analyze your current costs to process parcels against the cost savings associated with automation, while factoring in the cost of the new system. The ultimate goal is to establish a system budget that will provide for savings through automation to overtake the spend of the system itself. The end goal is a good return on investment.

Equipment Analysis

Ensuring that an automated parcel sorting system provides a return on investment often comes down to choosing the right system components. For example, barcode reading systems come in many different configurations.  From small devices for close proximity reading to scanning tunnels that capture images of all sides of small to large parcels, the features and costs can very greatly.   By working with a potential customer, our team will recommend a solution that meets the requirements at the best price and performance for the operational need.  

Avoiding Unnecessary Features and Equipment

We configure and design systems that achieve critical goals without the added cost of additional or ancillary equipment that may be nice to have but not required. On smaller set-ups certain features or equipment can’t be fully utilized. Our team takes steps to ensure the system is built with only the features and equipment that is necessary to meet the ROI requirements that have been set.

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