How To Achieve High-Quality Automation at a Great Price

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


When it comes to parcel and mail automation systems, high-quality does not have to mean the highest price. At ID Parcel & Mail Solutions we’ve developed a process that ensures our customers receive both quality and value. Here’s how:

We start by understanding the specific needs of the client. We employ active listening and take the time to understand the system requirements and operational challenges a client faces. We can then select from standard systems or custom develop a solution that not only helps them achieve their goals, but also helps them discover new ways of reducing costs, increasing capacity, and being more efficient. This is achieved by only including system elements that are required. 

After the initial assessment we develop a budgetary proposal to make sure the price point of the system aligns with the client’s budget and needs. Once this alignment is achieved, we develop a detailed proposal. We walk the client through the proposal to ensure they understand each deliverable. This is another check point to ensure that features and performance that are important are included and no ancillary elements are included that may add unnecessary cost.

Upon an order placement, we begin the design and/or build process. Along the way, and prior to completion, we conduct design reviews. Here other value opportunities exist as the client can choose custom or standard features. This allows us to ensure we are still tracking against the proposal requirements and staying within budget. We develop a system test plan to validate that the system performs as sold and we offer a factory acceptance test that allow a customer to confirm the system meets the objectives and is ready for installation at their site. All along the way we provide project updates until we deliver, install, and run the equipment with the client to verify we have met all of the project and system objectives.

Our process helps to tamper unnecessary expenses and ensure customer satisfaction but our experience also translates to value. Our highly trained engineering staff understands the system requirements and technology in detail and therefore the entire design and build process is run efficiently.

Lastly, we operate with low overhead, and we are always focused on identifying affordable solutions that fit our client’s specific needs. Sometimes that means pivoting to a smaller system or starting small with a trajectory plan to add on as needed. It all translates to a high-quality solution at a great price.

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