How To Take Advantage of the Many Benefits of Automation System Data

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


Automation sortation systems provide a host of benefits including reduced labor and shipping costs, but are you taking full advantage of the data that these systems collect? Following are just a few examples of the power of automation system data, and how it can dramatically improve your operations.

Reducing Shipping Costs

Having a clearer understanding of shipping variables such as speed to delivery, distance, package size and density, and seasonal peaks and variations can provide you with the information required to negotiate better shipping rates and improve the efficiency of your shipping operations - which will lead to lower cost. Automation systems provide data points for every package processed that can be leveraged when determining these variables.

Improved Operational Efficiencies and Better Pricing Accuracy

Package processing, throughput data, and actual shipping costs can be compared with receiving and shipping times as well as labor expenses and final shipping costs to better understand the real cost of processing each package. Normally capturing data at this level can be very expensive, but with Automation systems recording data for each package at time of processing and by customer job, efficiencies and costs for processing become granular and much easier to compare to pricing to understand costs and margins. 

Real Time Visibility

Data tracking allows you to track packages to shipping containers and identify the location, condition, and status of your shipments in real time. You can then take action when required to ensure timely delivery. This is essential in today’s get it now shipping environment. 

Optimized Route Planning

The data provided by automation systems, when coupled with route planner software, can provide insight into the optimal routes for your shipments and delivery planning for last mile operations. This allows you to make adjustments so that shipments are taking the optimal path towards their destination. 

Improved Customer Service

Customers want packages fast and cheap and they want to know where their package is now. Data tracking empowers shippers, processors, and last mile delivery providers with this critical customer service component. Without it you are at a significant disadvantage.

The first step in taking advantage of data collection is thought an automation system. Reach out to ID Parcel & Mail Solutions to discuss how our systems can help your operations become significantly more efficient.

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