ID Designs Two Parcel Sorting Systems for SpeedX Locations in NYC & LA

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


ID Parcel & Mail Solutions recently received an order for two new Packet Parcel Sorting Systems (PPSS) from SpeedX, the tech-enabled last mile delivery platform based out of New York City with multiple locations around the country. The systems will be delivered and installed at their New York City and Los Angeles locations. They will process mixed streams of small to medium size packets and parcels for sorting to various partners and courier routes for local market delivery.

Key Features of the SpeedX PPSS

  • Manual package feeding at speeds of 800 to 1,000 pieces per hour per operator, depending on materials, supply of packages to feeding operators, and dimension of pieces.
  • PPSS capable of processing a wide range of parcel sizes and weights from small mailing packets to medium cartons up to 22 lbs./10Kg in weight and from 5” x 5” X 0.25” to 24” x 17” x 18”.
  • Wipotec parcel precision in-line weighing scale with +/- .1 lbs. tolerance.
  • Datalogic barcode reading system with integrated LED lighting system for 1D/2D barcodes covering a range in height from 1/4” to 18” (6.35mm to 457.2mm).
  • Datalogic Dimensioner for length, width, and height dimensioning at +/- .2” (6mm) tolerance on packages.
  • ID Parcel’s Wheel Sort Table modules for the sorting system for package sorting.
  • Ability to add addition Sorting Modules and optional sorting outlet controls for piece to container tracking and container label printers.
  • ID Parcel’s Standard SQL database and interface to SpeedX IT system with API backup interface for redundancy.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 7 to 8x throughput per man hour compared to current manual processing for tasks covered by the PPSS.
  • Higher capacity with less space consumption by processing packages more quickly.
  • More accurate and predictable sorting with automation.
  • Ergonomic design allows clear view of workflow and identification of issues.
  • Proven DWS & sorting expertise with flexible solutions that provide 100% processing solution.

Moving from Manual To Automated Sorting  

SpeedX called on ID Parcel & Mail Solutions to help move their parcel sorting from manual to automated. The high demand for their services meant that it was time to make an investment in automation. With the new systems they will increase capacity and throughput, reduce labor costs, and reduce errors, among several other benefits.

Flexible, Modular System Design 

Modularity and flexibility are key attributes of the Packet Parcel Sorting System (PPSS). It can be configured with various features and a differing number of operators, large or small. The key, however, is the ability to scale as the organization grows - regardless of the size of the organization. The SpeedX systems are right sized for today and the near-term future and ID worked with them closely during the initial design phase to only incorporate features that would add value based on their existing requirements. Components can be added down the line as needs change.

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