ID Mail Delivers Automation Sortation System to Post Danmark

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


Post Danmark, the premier postal service of Denmark, has selected ID Mail System of the USA as its new supplier of intelligent franking systems and accepted the first of multiple systems for three postal centers in Danmark. Corporate and commercial customers in Denmark may submit unprocessed mail to Post Danmark to frank and segregate their mail prior to distribution: a time consuming mail production process that customers increasingly want to outsource. Post Danmark performs these services for the customer and generates an accurate postal invoice based on the mail submitted. 

Until today, these operations have involved the use of standard franking machines designed for the corporate mailroom. In the scheduled replacement of this equipment, Post Danmark searched for a more robust and flexible system designed for industrial usage and multiple applications in three of its sorting centers across Denmark. 

After extensive review of all suppliers, Post Danmark selected the Dispatcher MX as its new intelligent franking systems. The Dispatcher MX System leverages its significant experience in processing international and domestic mail volumes with feeding, imaging, OCR reading, weighing, format detection, printing, sorting, and data capture, all in a single pass, to provide Post Danmark with a totally new franking process. The first of multiple systems was delivered this fall and after a successful pilot, Post Danmark as released the order for the balance of systems. 

The Dispatcher MX processes mail at speeds of 10,000 per hour, from postcards up to 30 mm thick packets, with both automatic and manual feeding stations. The new system has the ability to read customer applied barcode on each mail piece thereby allowing Post Danmark to process mixed customer mail streams and accurately provide billing information to the correct customer postage account. All production and postage data is automatically be uploaded to the Post Danmark SAP system every hour from all three production facilities. 

This same Dispatcher System provides Post Danmark the ability to perform revenue protection services on pre-franked mail volumes by measuring the format, weight and destination to assure proper postage has been affixed. In addition the Dispatcher reads, sort and provide billing data for business reply mail for Post Danmark The multiple application Dispatcher MX allows postal services like Post Danmark to improve the return on investment through additional automation efficiencies and utilization of a single system. 

ID Mail Systems will also provide Post Denmark with a newly enhanced version of its MMW System -a Manual Mail Workstation, for processing mail items that exceed the Dispatcher specifications. This touch screen driven unit will allow faster processing and includes weighing scale, computer, high volume label indicia printer, and scanner. All systems reside on the Post Denmark network so all data is stored thru local SQL databases and then passed upstream to central servers that interface to the SAP system. 

Michael Jack Truelsen, from Post Danmark Franking Services stated “ ID Mail was selected as the supplier of this multi-system solution because they demonstrated the aptitude, experience, and flexibility to meet the critical requirements of Post Danmark. The Dispatcher mail processing system is unique in its affordability and superb range of features allowing it to process a vary wide range of mail items with high levels of productivity.”

“We’re very pleased to have been chosen by Post Danmark as the primary automation specialist for intelligent franking in their three main processing facilities,” said Jerry Fenerty, President of ID Mail Systems. Mr. Fenerty added, “Post Danmark chose the Dispatcher not only because of its flexibility and modularity, but because it’s the industry’s price/performance leader as well. We’re delighted to have them as our newest customer .We appreciate the partnership with Post Danmark and are pleased that working together we achieved the goals of the pilot and now complete the project. ” 

Post Danmark A/S provides postal services primarily in Denmark. The company’s services comprise collection, transport, sorting, and distribution of letters, periodicals, parcels, unaddressed mail, newspapers, magazines, and international letters and parcels. It also maintains a network of postal service outlets and letter boxes. The company, through its subsidiaries, involves in courier services; scanning, storage, interpreting, and distributing documents; car leasing services; and parcel distribution primarily in the Nordic countries. It serves customers in courier, express, and parcel businesses. The company is based in Copenhagen V, Denmark. For further information contact Post Danmark by phone at +45 33619172 or by email at <> 

Incorporated in 1997, ID Mail Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of innovative mail processing solutions for USPS presort automation, international mailing and remailing, postal authority automation as well as corporate and governmental incoming mail processing. From its headquarters in Middletown, Connecticut, the company offers a variety of solutions, including: OCR mail processing systems; accountable mail logging and tracking; semi-automated handling of non-machinable parcels and flats; and custom designed solutions for data capture and other special projects. 

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