Citipost Ltd. In London Implements ID Mail Dispatcher for Royal Mail DSA Discounts 

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


The potential revenues available from Royal Mail’s Downstream Access (DSA) discounts had intrigued Citipost UK since their introduction. When considering alternatives to achieve these discounts it was apparent that Citipost would need several requirements to be filled. Chief among these was for the solution to process both letters and flats on a single platform at an affordable price. The selected system would also need to weigh and label items in motion as well as provide a minimal footprint to conserve valuable floor space. An ability to process other mail streams such as international and private delivery mail were equally important. After reviewing its options it was clear to Citipost that only ID Mail’s Dispatcher would meet all of these requirements. 

Since its selection of the Dispatcher as its chosen solution, Citipost has installed the system at its London processing facility. The system is outfitted with space-conserving TL3 multi-level sort bins that provide an ergonomic solution when sweeping items from any of the three levels. The 120 bin system is configured with a weigh-in-motion scale as well as a labeler for printing on polywrap and other non-absorbent surfaces. The system software includes a directory of all certified UK addresses with an integrated database lookup algorithm so items can be coded and sorted to each of Royal Mail’s distribution centers. When the sortation is completed the items are injected into the Royal Mail stream with revenues generated from the difference between the full postage and discounted postage. 

To date the Dispatcher has performed above expectations, with a daily output approaching 60,000 items across two shifts. According to Steve Hibbert, Vice President of Citipost, “Our selection of ID Mail’s solution has paid dividends for us. We consistently meet our daily output requirements, Royal Mail quality standards and achieve our delivery times to the Royal Mail induction points. With its consistent performance, the Dispatcher has proven its value by substantially increasing our revenues.” 

Citipost is a global postal distributor operating across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. Operating for over 20 years, Citipost offers a full range of courier, mail and distribution services to meet customer needs. For further information contact Citipost Ltd. by phone at +44 (0) 208 301 8500 or by email at 

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