ID Mail Systems Announces Successful Automation Install at Selektmail in the Netherlands

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


ID Mail Systems, Inc. recently completed installation of the primary automation for the Selektmail site in Utrecht, Netherlands.  The site processes petite (letter) and packet (flat) format items for its customer base for bi-weekly distribution within the Netherlands.  Since its inception in 2004, 

Selektmail has become the Dutch leader in subscriber-based mail delivery.  The company is a joint venture between Deutsche Post and the Dutch company Koninklijke Wegener NV, a communication and distribution conglomerate.  Utrecht is the primary operational hub for Selektmail’s operations. 

The ID Mail Systems Dispatcher was chosen by Selektmail as the cornerstone of its Utrecht automation due to the wide range of mail formats it can process as well as its outstanding price to performance ratio.  The Dispatcher will automate the site’s diverse mail stream by not only reading and coding to the address, but also collecting critical physical parameter information on each mail piece such as the weight and format type.  The physical information and coding result will allow each piece to have the proper postage paid indicia applied by the Dispatcher’s wide area printer as well as providing detailed accounting data for later invoicing activities.  To complete the process automation at Utrecht, ID Mail has also supplied its Data Management System for job setup, data capture and job closing functionality.  For address resolution of otherwise uncoded items from the Dispatcher, ID Mail has provided its Local Video Encoding solution. 

“As the primary automation specialist at their main processing hub, we’re very pleased to have the Selektmail site in production,” said Jerry Fenerty, President of ID Mail Systems.  Mr. Fenerty added, “Although competition was fierce, Selektmail chose the Dispatcher not 

only because of its flexibility and modularity, but because it’s the industry’s price/performance leader as well.  We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Selektmail.  We’re delighted to have them as our newest customer.”

“Our selection procedure was conducted across the industry with each vendor’s proposal being carefully evaluated on its technical, delivery and pricing merits,” said Mr. Willi Weidenhaupt, Manager of Operations in Utrecht and one of the selection committee members.  “Based on our extensive pre-selection evaluation and subsequent testing during trials,” continued Mr. Weidenhaupt, “we were convinced that ID Mail’s Dispatcher would provide Selektmail with the correct blend of features to optimize our automation.  Following the system commissioning, this has proven true. Given our compressed schedule we have been especially pleased with how quickly ID Mail has been able to install the Dispatcher and have it processing live mail.”  

Incorporated in 1997, ID Mail Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of innovative mail and parcel processing solutions for USPS presort automation, international mailing and remailing, postal authority automation as well as corporate and governmental incoming mail processing.  From its headquarters in Middletown, Connecticut, ID Mail offers a variety of solutions, including: accountable mail logging and tracking; semi-automated handling of non-machinable parcels and flats; and custom designed solutions for on-site job creation, job entry and job tracking as well as interfaces to Web-based accounting systems. 

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