Minimizing The Impact of Carrier Shipping Delays

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


The Pandemic has led to an increased demand for shipped products. In addition we’re experiencing a global labor shortage. These factors have led to carrier shipping delays and significant supply chain disruptions. Here are a few things that you can do to mitigate the issue:

Keep an Eye On Cut Off Times

Take steps to ensure that you make carrier cut off times. Make sure everyone is aware of pickup times and make it a priority to fulfill orders in time. Consider preparing parcels earlier, if possible.

Communicate With Your Customers

Fast delivery has become a customer expectation. Although carrier delays are out of your control, make sure your customers understand you are working towards

helping them get their goods as soon as possible. Place a notice on your website at checkout, and provide automated email replies that explain the potential for delay, and the reason. And let them know you are working hard to provide the most expedient service possible.

Keep in Close Contact With Your Supply Chain

Delays can start with your product. Keep in close contact with your suppliers to stay informed of any manufacturing or raw materials issues. When you know that an issue has the potential to cause delays you will be better equipped to provide a solution in advance.

Automate Your Shipping

While shipping schedules may be out of your hands, these delays can be mitigated by making processing faster at the warehouse. Automating your package barcode reading, dimensioning, weighing and labeling can greatly reduce the time required to get a package ready for shipping. ID Parcel & Mail Solutions provides flexible automation and sortation system options for large and small operations.

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