New Year’s Resolutions for Ecommerce Operations

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


The new year is always a good time to take a fresh look at your priories, set goals, and map out a plan to achieve them throughout the year. At the moment ecommerce operations are dealing with significant disruption. Here are a few resolutions to help make things operate more efficiently, and effectively:

Mitigate Labor Issues & Reduce Labor Costs

Forecasters share varying estimates on when the labor shortage will be over. Many, however, agree that high wages will become the norm and competition for quality labor is here to stay. By implementing an automation sortation system you can greatly reduce your labor requirements and therefore significantly reduce payroll. Since payroll is one of the largest costs of any business, automation is making a major financial impact on ecommerce operations.

Increase Fulfillment Capacity for Higher Volume

The demand for online goods has skyrocketed with the pandemic, and online sales are projected to grow even when things return to normal. This is great for business, but only if you’re equipped to deal with high order volumes. Technology such as automation sortation systems, can have a dramatic, immediate impact on your ability to fulfill large order volumes. If you face this issue, or anticipate future growth, automation has the potential to fundamentally change your business.

Improve Data Tracking and Traceability

Nearly 70% of consumers said the ability to track orders was one of their top three considerations when buying a product online, according to the Global eCommerce Consumer Research Report. Automation sortation systems provide data at your fingertips to help customers track packages. Data and traceability are not only key to customer satisfaction, they also provide essential insights to help ecommerce operations improve the delivery process.

Improve Sorting Accuracy and Reduce Errors

To err is human. This old saying has certainly been uttered within manual parcel fulfillment operations. Manually sorting and labeling packages leads to errors. When this happens packages take longer to reach their destinations. With customer satisfaction being so critical, this is something to look at closely. Parcel automation sortation systems provide consistent, accurate results. This is a critical benefit within the competitive ecommerce landscape.

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