Our Approach to Parcel & Mail Automation System Development

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


ID Parcel & Mail Solutions develops cost effective parcel & mail automation systems, but we do more than just build them. We deliver a fully comprehensive solution by employing a comprehensive approach that addresses the full range of project needs including the following steps:

Our Approach in Action

Check out three of the automation systems that we are currently delivering, or proposing:

Packet Parcel Sorting System for Sorting Into Postal Bags

This prospect has a need to sort into postal bags. System features include:

  • Items are scanned, dimensioned and weighed (DWS) at up to 4,000 pieced per hour and then sorted directly into postal bags with piece to bag manifesting.
  • Items that are too large for dropping directly into bags are sent to four manual bagging stations for bagging.
  • System proposed with and without a turn module to allow different uses of available facility space

Packet Parcel Sorting System for Lower Processing Volumes

This new client needs to sort into both postal bags and gaylord containers, but based on current volumes automated sorting in not yet desired. System features include:

  • Automatic scanning, dimensioning and weighing (DWS) with conveyance to client’s existing labeling stations and manual sorting at each station.
  • System can easily be expanded at a future date to have more stations and provide automatic sorting.

Packet Parcel Sorting System for Automated Sorting With Final Mile Labeling

This client required a system to support two modes, as follows:

  • Package scanning capabilities via the DWS with automatic package sorting.
  • Package scanning with final mile delivery label printing, package application, and automatic sortation.

This system can support either mode, allowing the most efficient processing when packages are received with the final mile label already applied, and the most efficient process when the packages come in without this label.

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