TL3 Mail Sorter Bins

A critical need in today's mail center environment is conserving valuable square footage. The TL3 sort bins for the Dispatcher directly address that need by vertically stacking three bins in the space normally occupied by a single bin, effectively tripling the system's mail sorter capacity. In fact, the Dispatcher consumes less space than any other mixed-mail transport, allowing you to complete your sortation in fewer passes with less labor than was previously possible.

TL3 Mail Sorter Bins

For maximum flexibility, TL3 bins can be fitted to any Dispatcher system, either new or existing. To minimize the expense and interruption normally associated with installing new sort bins, TL3s are shipped with their own air compressors and operate on standard 220 VAC service.

TL3 Bins Give You the Advantage

TL3 bins give you the advantages needed to improve your mail processing. From its LCD displays to its bin indicator lights to its re-start buttons, TL3 bins are designed to enhance your workflow and create the most fluid movement of mail possible. Each bin has an LCD to display the bin's sort destination, allowing the bin contents to be swept to the correct container and helping assure items reach their intended destination. Each bin's indicator light provides advance warning that a bin is about to be filled so bins can be swept before they fill and stoppages due to overflows are minimized. In the event that a bin does overflow and causes the Dispatcher to stop, each bin section is outfitted with a restart button so the system can be restarted without walking back to the front of the machine. The restart feature is especially helpful in situations where one person is feeding the mail and sweeping the bins.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimizes space usage so other tasks receive the advantage of more room to operate
  • More bins allow you to finish sorting the mail more quickly, saving you time and labor expense
  • TL3 bins provide on-board air compressors and operate on your existing electrical service so business interruption and expense are minimized
  • LCDs provide feedback to the sweeper regarding the destination for each bin's contents so handling errors are minimized
  • Indicator lights provide feedback to the sweeper so bins can be swept before a stoppage occurs due to an overflow condition
  • Restart buttons allow the system to be restarted from the bins, eliminating the delay caused by walking back to the front of the machine