Tips for Optimizing Warehouse Processes

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


Taking steps to optimize your warehouse processes can lead to reduced costs, more efficient order processing, and reduced errors. Here are a few tips to help you streamline your warehouse operations.


The way that goods are received can effect all subsequent warehouse processes. Start by establishing receiving requirements with your suppliers that include dictating label position, number of packages per pallet, acceptable package size and weight, etc. Establish the times and dates of cargo deliveries so that you can properly allocate man hours to unload and process. And consider technology that can automatically capture parcel weight and dimensions.


Optimizing your warehouse storage can help you maximize the space that you have, reduce the chances of lost stock, and make picking more efficient. Consider reducing isle width, installing mezzanine flooring, and take steps to deal with dead inventory. A larger investment in an automated storage and retrieval system can free up valuable floor space, increase picking accuracy, and make the picking process considerably more efficient.


Manual picking can be one of the most time consuming efforts for warehouse staff. Making the process more efficient can lead to faster order processing and reduced errors. Start by organizing the placement of goods. If there are products that often ship together, group those to avoid extra gathering time. And place faster moving inventory closer for easier access. You may also want to consider Radio Frequently Identification, or RFID. This technology uses chips to help quickly locate inventory.


Manually dimensioning, weighing and labeling packages is a time consuming process that can also lead to error. Making the investment in an automated sortation system can help make these steps considerably faster and more accurate. Parcel automation systems also lead to reduced postage and shipping costs, allow you to handle larger volumes of packages, and reduce labor costs. ID Parcel & Mail Solutions provides small and large systems for a range of needs and budgets.

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