Why Flexible Automation Solutions are Key to a Growing Organization

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


As the parcel shipping and mailing industries continue their rapid evolution, automation sortation is becoming an even more attractive solution for reducing costs and labor issues. For those already invested in automation, or just starting out, finding an automation partner that provides a flexible solution is key to achieving sustainable growth. 

Considering Your Needs Now and Into the Future

One of the keys to a flexible automation partner is their ability to provide solutions both large and small. Those that are already established may require larger systems to handle larger volumes. Those that are just starting out in automation may only have the budget and/or demand for a smaller system. The key, however, is the ability to scale as your organization grows - regardless of your size. You may need automation to address the tightening labor market and/or reduce the cost per piece

for processing. You may want to capture data more efficiently, add OCR or flexible labeling capabilities, or you need to add weighing and dimensioning capabilities. A flexible partner can help you accomplish all of the above, tailoring the system for a reasonable ROI today and allowing the expansion to a larger or more capable system in the future. 

Nimble, Modular Solutions

ID Parcel & Mail Solutions is a nimble, and sophisticated operation that can not only design, build and support large systems, but also start parcel and mail operations out with basic technology that can be added to as the organization grows. This modular approach allows organizations to plug in systems and add to existing equipment down the line. Most importantly, ID Parcel & Mail Solutions provides affordable automation!

Having a flexible automation partner helps make the investment into automation more attainable. Another advantage is the ability to change as market conditions and requirements evolve. As new requirements for mail and parcels are introduced, additional or new hardware or software may be required. ID Parcel & Mail Solutions can guide you through new requirements and then provide the solutions to help you meet them.

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