ID Rolls Out New Product Brochures: Get To Know Our Affordable Flagship Automation Sorting Systems

Written By ID Parcel & Mail Solutions Staff


If you're considering the value of moving from manual parcel or mail sorting to automation, or require a new or supplemental system, please take a moment to review the features, flexibility and benefits of our flagship systems. At ID Parcel & Mail Solutions we specialize in designing, building and servicing smaller systems at a lower price point for small operations, or large operations with lower volume applications. Download our brochures for full product specs and information.

Packet Parcel Sorting System (PPSS)

Flexibility and modularity are key attributes of the Packet Parcel Sorting System (PPSS). The system can be configured with various features and a differing number of operators. For demanding periods, the PPSS can accommodate up to four-persons feeding packages on the induction belt. On slower days, it can be operated with only one feeder. It is designed to provide the ability to use the required number of operators to feed compatible packets and parcels at high speeds to meet the workload of that specific day. This same approach is taken with the manual labeling process. Download the brochure below, or visit the PPSS page.

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Dispatcher MX Sorting System

The Dispatcher MX will process postcards, letters, flats, poly envelopes and small mailing packets and parcels (boxables), depending on the sorting modules selected (TL3 or SL3). Maximum mail piece thickness should be considered when configuring the Dispather MX sorting solution. TL3 systems will process up to 20mm thick pieces. Versions that use SL3 sorting modules can process up to 35mm thick mail pieces when printing is required, and 60mm when only sorting is required. Download the brochure below or visit the Dispatcher MX page.

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